Terms & Conditions


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Purse Strings website www.pursestrings.co.nz and all bag hire services. By hiring an item from us (Goods), you acknowledge and represent that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and that they become a binding agreement (“Contract”) between you and Purse Strings.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
Purse Strings reserves the right to change or terminate this Contract at any time. Please check this section of the Site before booking Goods to determine whether a change has been made to these Terms and Conditions.

Risk and Insurance
The Service allows customers to access the Site and borrow Goods from Purse Strings in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Customers also agree to comply with any terms, conditions, or policies that Purse Strings may provide to users from time to time on the Site. The customer can choose Goods to borrow from our online selection, and have them delivered to the customer’s address. The borrowing period is agreed at time of hire, and the customer must contact to arrange any alteration to this. We do not ask for a deposit but you must accept and be willing to pay any late fees if not sent back on time or repay the bag replacement cost in case of any damage or loss.

Customers will not be charged for normal wear and tear of Goods, but we strongly advise you opt for our insurance when renting Goods to ensure coverage of up to $300 of significant damage (deemed significant by Purse Strings). If you return any Goods soiled and/or with damage exceeding normal wear and tear, as determined Purse Strings at its sole discretion, you agree that Purse Strings will require your credit card to charge and collect a damage fee or replacement costs for such Goods.

The Goods damage fee varies depending on the nature of each item. Also, this does not cover the theft or loss of any Goods and you will be responsible for the full retail price of the Goods immediately if this occurs.

Borrowing process

The borrowing period begins on the start date. This date will be the day you receive the bag. If you have a Saturday or Sunday event you are required to select Friday as your start date. We will send you pre-paid returns bag which is included in the price for rental. We will send you an email letting you know when your Goods have been dispatched. Purse Strings agrees to ensure your Goods are received on the agreed date. If there are any problems with this, Purse Strings will make contact with the Customer as soon as notified.

It is the Customers responsibility to return the item on end day of the rental period (day 4) before your postal service cut off time ie: for Friday rental date, post on Monday am. This being, it must be scanned as received by the courier by this time on the following day of rental. Please ensure you retain your returned receipt.

If you hold your item past the agreed rental period, you will be charged the standard rental charge for each extra day until it is returned, as well as a late fee of $100. If the bag is not returned within 7 days of the agreed end date of hire, the Customer will be required to pay the full retail value of the bag (listed at time of hire).

Customer Information

Due to the value of the Goods being borrowed, we will collect the following information from all of our Customers:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Full address
  • Proof of address
  • Drivers licence number

Purse Strings promises to keep this information secure, and only share it in last resort relating to collection of fees.


Please ensure delivery address is correct at time of hire. All Goods will be sent tracked delivery and will require Customer to sign for upon receipt.

All payments for hiring of Goods will be securely processed through Stripe. You will be charged at time of booking.

We can’t legally store or hold your credit card details, however should any additional charges need to be made in relation to points made above you are required to re-supply your credit card details for any late fees, damage or replacement costs. Customers will always be notified via email, before any extra charges are made. If a Customer is unable to make a repayment, Purse Strings may negotiate repayment terms with the Customer. This is at Purse Strings discretion.


Bookings are final, unless your hire circumstances are impacted by COVID 19. If this is the case, please contact Purse Strings at info@pursestrings.co.nz and an agreement may be possible but this is at Purse Strings discretion. 


Care of Goods

The Customer promises to:

– Take reasonable care of Goods and only use them for their proper purpose in a safe and correct manner and notify Purse String immediately if there is loss and/or damage.

– Take adequate and proper measures to protect the Goods from damage and/or other risks.

– Not continue to use Goods where they have been damaged and notify Purse Strings immediately

– Return the good on time and in a good condition (wear and tear taken into account)

– The Customer must not clean/repair the Goods under any circumstances

– To not lend Goods to a third party

Purse Strings promises to:

  • Deliver the Goods on the agreed date
  • Store all information in a secure and private manner
  • Remain transparent and provide timely updates regarding any additional costs

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